Cloud Atlas – The fictional computer of Star Trek and similar series, “reverse engineered” to Unity 3D

“I am connecting serious science with science fiction and put it all into a real-world-game…” BK


The project is a two decades anti disciplinary research of mine and a mix of many concepts of the M.I.T. Media Lab crew & visitors, multiple TED speaker, STEM scientists and engineers, activists, peace movements, BIG DATA corporations, internet concepts, philosophers philosophies, legal history, science history, science fiction allegories and many more…


SHORT: i reverse engineered the fictional “Technological Singularity” concept and replaced everything that became the fictional Skynet with the concepts and projects of all this wonderful people works and life dedications!


What i got back, was the Technological Singularity Vice Versa, giving 99.9% to the people…


On top, for almost 20 years now, i’m working in all kinds of industries to learn the ropes and get a deep impression, why so many companies fail front-end and back-end. Let me summarize with: “Its a cultural, bureaucratic mess with missing controlling, feedback and improvement options”


There was a fictional World War 3, before the fictional Star Trek society actually became the well known post-scarcity society.

In my opinion, the fictional transition (and a probable solution for our real-world situation) was due to these main factors:


-‘Renewable energy’ (end of pollution, cheap water desalination, cheap forestation, circular management)

-‘energy as a currency’ (block-chained universal basic income)

-‘the computer’ (that was the first present from the Vulcans to Earth, but we don’t have that comfort), that was basically a resource-based and circular economy management system with integrated knowledge, research, science, engineering, design and crowdfunding as a service for the masses, the industry and the administration

-the ‘human rights’ as an ‘user first policy’

-a digital, visualized, for everybody understandable ‘rule of law’ AI to make sure there is no Status Quo on any level

-the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ as a guideline for an integrated, local and global work & travel & volunteering agency


This system uses the power of crowd-sourcing, petitioning, crowdfunding, location-based services and gamifying.


-The goal is to reach the SDG 2030 goals already before 2030 and simply get shit done!
-The target is to reach minimum a 320 Million users in the next two years, bringing down global unemployment from 5% to 1%. (Did you know its “only” 5%?)


Both something, our administrations around the world continuously fail, while charging us a 30% income tax and a 20% consumer tax:

50% of your income is just lost!